• shadyman 5w

    Vent out

    I just dont like these vibes,
    Society finds a way to take my voice,
    Only thing left with me is these mimes,
    I use it to explain my mind,
    I dont know how i will get through time,
    I take my time i lock myself behind the doors,
    Thats where the real pain lies
    That feeling is so terrifying.
    Now my life seems so transparent,
    All others do is be so coherent,
    First you check up your life,
    You are not so successful to give me advice,
    Thats how this system works,
    Everyone want to be the one,
    Unfortunately you are just another jerk,
    My life my rules thats how it works,
    There's so much in my mind all i want you to is hear me out,
    Please o please let me vent it all out.