• mighty 9w


    Driver smiles at the rearview mirror because the smell in the car isn't the smell of his socks
    The air was heavy with expectations.
    A former high school student awaiting a result which is a click away;
    A man whose wife is in labour;
    A youngman who had just shoot his shot by sending a video he shot of himself confessing love;
    Three differently similar men share the passenger seat of the cab.

    Time seemed to be moving too fast and too slow at the same moment
    The shot shooter wipes his sweatless face without ceasing
    The expentant father plays a silent music by tapping his knees with all ten fingers
    For the 30th time in 30 seconds the result check reloads the webpage without inserting voucher pin.
    There's a bad smell of expectation and none is bothered.

    All three men move their lips without being heard
    Maybe they are praying
    Maybe they are repeating their favorite line of Kendrick Lamar's Alright.
    "Why?" three men jinxed as cab stops moving.
    "The light! It is red" driver answers with a smile.
    There's a stench in the air and it's not the drivers socks.
    It is the smell of anxious expectations.