• _the_silent_thoughts_ 6w



    I walk on the streets everyday
    Curious to find out a new way;
    But alas I find myself lost among the crowd
    Where I try to reach out by screaming loud.

    I don't know where I'll be going
    But I just keep on walking;
    Hoping for some sign board to help me
    So I can understand what my destination shall be.

    My talents and skills are like tiny maps
    Which help me to continue my struggle even during my naps;
    But alas people just think that I am a sidekick
    Whom everybody can easily trick.

    Those maps I try to interpret
    Wondering if my destination shall ever be met;
    But before I can understand my abilities a bit
    The jealous people burn it.

    Without my maps I still try to go ahead
    And now with hope I am led;
    But taunts is all that I get
    And then I fear that my destination will never be met.

    Now my hope is overpowered by fear
    And failure is the only word that I can hear;
    The sad part is that now I doubt my own self
    And wonder if I could have a helping elf.

    Aggression turns to depression
    Thinking about failure leads to tension;
    Now I even fear to try
    Knowing that failure will make me cry.

    I suddenly feel lost amongst all
    Where I try to rise from this fall;
    But my failure will always repeat
    Because now I accept my defeat.