• jacobadith 27w

    The breezy wind engulfed me
    I felt warmth within
    Shallow sky moaned for me
    My dress was drenched
    The pavement held me straight
    My shoes carved my paths
    The day was lit up bright
    But why do I feel so gloomy
    The stranger asked "What's the matter!?"
    I replied "Waiting for someone, said she'd come"
    He asked "How long?!"
    I replied "20 hrs back!!"
    He asked " then y?!"
    I replied "I've faith in her, she'll definitely come"
    A loud shout from afar "Honey I'm here, I missed you, I love you so much"
    The stranger said "Ur faith in her as saved u, else you'd be in the same lost pace where I'm now" and he left....
    The stranger was "The help from parents,friends, and all"
    The woman was "The achievements one gets in life"
    And finally I was "The one who had no idea what to do in life rather have faith and trust in others and Wait for them, to go along together always, never to be left alone"