• jihyunieneve 9w

    Little Girl

    Little Girl
    The way you cry,
    with shimmering drops in your eyes,
    pains me and breaks my heart

    Little Girl
    Your eyes try to deceive me,
    feign a laugh while shedding a tear
    Trying so hard not to fall apart

    The prejudices put against you
    The expectations they've all made
    The weight if it all on your shoulders
    You're holding the weight of your world, alone

    Little Girl
    You've grown fair, standing tall
    Yet your heart stills a child, forgotten
    Longing and yearning for the pieces broken

    Little Girl
    Your petite frame, and innocent games
    Never seem to give you a haven, a home
    You're uncomfortable within your own skin

    The beating of your heart, sharp as a drum
    Your stifled cries, deep in the dark nights
    Your dreams, like nightmares haunting you
    All your worries piling on your shoulders

    Little girl
    It'll all be over soon, but don't raise hope
    Your heart broke a times too many for it
    And you'll be fragile if you try again

    Try to love
    Try to hope

    Try to forgive
    And try to dream

    Try to laugh
    Without tears in your eyes

    Or try to sleep
    Without wanting to die

    Never to wake up
    Never to see the sun

    Or the moon or stars
    Never to love,

    To hope,
    To dream...