• dreamsearcher 5w

    All over my crumpled pages
    You were there

    Our Bits and pieces
    Scattered at all corners

    I ripped an another page
    To see you
    As my crushed fresh memory

    I imagine you saying
    "Everything is so perfect"

    It is perfect
    At the corner of this coffee shop
    Wolfing my last piece of biscuit

    Hiding and running away
    From all the eyes
    With all my shattered
    And scattered pieces
    Of papers and my memories
    Around me

    I am sorry for ruining you
    I am sorry for ruining you
    Coffee table
    I am sorry for scaring you
    Mr. Cute Server

    They say
    We are perfect as friends
    I wonder
    Where is our perfection?!
    What I see now is
    Our Imperfection and Utter stupidity

    I can tell you
    Let's bump into each other
    Somewhere at sometime
    Let's see what has gotten for us?
    Somehow in near future
    Let's dance at the party as stranger
    Anywhere but under flashes of light
    Let's walk down the beach
    Like our dog's secret walk at night street
    Let's meet at the middle of the concert
    Look at each other,laugh and dance
    Let's hear our story at storytelling event
    And Make an eye contact with wonderment

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    Dear Crush a.k.a Love