• droneking 5w


    Sitting here puffing clouds on the block but I never fucking around

    Making sure all of my fears are good and drowned

    Taking the high road to cloud nine with Tina on the brain so I can be clear minded

    Driving myself crazy and insane because I felt uncalibrated

    This runaway train fell off his tracks and crashing and burning into anything in his path

    Wasn't thinking when I let my demon unleash and left them to feel
    my wrath

    Showed tough love from a alcoholic father figure

    His type of love was tough love nights filled with alot of anger

    Whispering in my ear was a demon I had in me since I was a baby

    Tommorow is never promised not even a close maybe

    Ups and downs but mostlywearing alot frowns crying like a baby

    Dead on the inside because I done spilled all my guts for life and love

    This fallen angel feels lost and is praying for some guidance from above