• _shweta 34w

    I always wanted him to know, how like the fleeting dandelion his soul was. A kind, anyone would chase to make a wish upon.
    "But we have to let go off dandelions too ", He used to say, shrugging my oh-so-full-of-optimistic-beliefs.

    I never had an answer for that, but when I see a dandelion even today, I so wish, it is his fleeting soul bidding me hello again.

    He looked at fragility of this world and always frowned about it. "How could this world be so... Dead", a sigh in his merry voice used to shook me.
    I never believed in this world to call it anything. Even cruel. It was just a place, I found myself staying on a rent I'd never pay. Since, they were just some flesh and bones which kissed this land everyday but the soul? It was always wandering in the middle of nowhere. So tell me? How can I call a world fragile, if I found one, in him?

    "And I wish, I could let go of you too. I don't want you to love something that can't even love itself"
    A mile long silence hovered around us. I wanted to tell him about the dream I dreamt. He had hazel green eyes which looked blue at times. And they were big eyes on a bright face, enjoying a life we crave for. Having a smile, I look forward to..
    "But dreams aren't re...! "
    I smile. For that I knew, how tired he was.
    "Shush". I embrace him until everything falls back at place.
    "You'll have to look through my eyes to find dreams alive, sweetheart"


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