• giftaffram 4w

    Genie in the bottle

    Feeling as helpless as a genie in a bottle with no owner to grant wishes to.
    Feeling as shaken as a leaf in a storm with no stalk to hold me down.
    There i go again, floating in the wind.
    Carried away from my expectations
    Tossed about like chaff because my value was underrated
    Did i lose hope before i lost my grounds?
    Or did i let go before i could think it through?
    Put a leash on me, so i can stay put
    For i yearn to tear down so many boundaries that's been put up by you
    I'll roll down boulders to break your fortress
    For your safety, make sure i don't break free
    Else I'll break you down when i do
    And i won't have an ounce of regret.