• artist_without_art 5w


    I sat in the dusk,
    Thinking about my predicament
    Faced with three crutial choices
    Noting things must be changed,
    That it's time to stop
    Sleepwalking through life,
    Wishing things would get better,
    Wondering where I went wrong;
    My mind caught in a
    hotchpotch of emotions..

    But I also noticed the sky,
    How breathtaking it looked
    Different shades of colours above;
    With the sunlight slightly peeping
    Through the clouds
    And disappearing,
    as time passed,
    Into the darkness
    As day and night kiss one another;
    One welcoming the other,
    The birds returning home,
    Chirping softly,
    The breeze caressing
    My hair lightly,
    Reminding me of better times..

    I sat there pondering,
    What's worth it
    And what's not;
    As serenity and misery overlapped...