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    When we are talking about the word *pain* .it not always mean the pain you feel during a breakup,or a pain you feel when you get rejected from a company

    But a pain is when your expectations are in vain or when you fail to prove yourself, pain is when few moments ago you were talking to Mumma sayng," make a yummy cake for me " and after 5 minutes you receive a call where someone is saying," she is no more". Pain is when you are waiting outside an operation theatre as you are becoming an uncle but you heard a bad news of the baby's death.
    Pain is when you receive your first book which is written by you but your parents didn't support that and just burn out all the pages.

    Pain is never meant to make yourself feel dejected or make you feel that now it's your end. But pain is meant to make you understand that "stand up ,you have to achieve alot things in your life" ,make you feel and realise about your strength and the power of letting go bad energies

    Pain makes an individual feel that it's just like an examination, one who makes me(pain) as a motivation will be successful but if not, then you are following the wrong track

    Think it's never too late to decide which path to choose, but atleast take a step. Atleast have a goal to achieve, atleast be consistent and true/honest to yourself.

    ©Cheena kachroo

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    Pain-the only motivation

    Life's greatest lessons are usually learned from the past,
    And life's greatest success is too because of the lessons learned from the past