• jiniaa 5w

    To the boy who first broke my heart.

    - I want you back. I made a mistake. I should have never let you go.

    - I want you back, too. I always have. But just think about all that I have been though. There was a point, where I begged you not to leave me. I used to wait for your texts. I forced myself to not think of you. I pushed away every memory of yours. Do you have any idea, what you put me through?

    - I'm sorry.

    - no, you're not. You're just lonely right now.

    - I don't know what to say.

    - yes, you don't. Because you know that I'm right. I'd have taken you back. But you know what? I've changed. You changed me.

    P. S - the screenshot is an extract of a convo that I had with a friend once. His replies were apt with this post :D

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