• beautifullybrokenkrs 9w

    So You Say

    You said you'd love a woman with beauty on the inside,

    but, yet, you can't get past what's on the outside.

    You only want me to be the chick on the side.

    If only you would take the time

    to get to know my heart and mind,

    you'll see the beauty inside of me.

    I'm like a deciduous tree.

    Pretty soon it'll be my time to bloom.

    So, don't assume 

    that just because right now I may not be aesthetically pleasing,

    in due season,

    you'll be searching  for a reason

    to get in my presence 

    and bask in my effervescence. 

    My real beauty is concealed,

    waiting to be revealed 

    to the one mature enough to look beneath my shield.

    Recognize and understand,

    he would be a Godly man

    created just for me.

    And you are not