• adulldawn 10w

    Flower paths

    It's my favourite flower. 
    Mainly because it's a flower that blooms all year long. And that's why I find it beautiful.
    Aren't we all born with the brightest colours that eventually fade away, leaving us only with the fact that they were once there?
    Similarly, cherry blossoms. A flower that blooms and fades away as its season ends. A flower that blooms in such beauty yet only stays for a while.
    And that is the true beauty of it. The beauty isn't its flowers, but is its time. If cherry blossoms bloomed all year round, it'd lose its beauty and we wouldn't stop to appreciate it.
    That is what's happening with bougainvillea. Just because it is there for us forever, we tend to take it for granted.
    But I find it the most beautiful because of the way it sustains through whatever season it is. The way it chooses time over colors, strength over beauty.

    If I walk on a flower path with someone i care for, I wish for that path to be surrounded by bougainvillea. Not roses, because they pierce, neither cherry blossoms, because they fade. Just bougainvillea.
    Our path may not be that beautiful, but at least it will last, paving its way through time and memories.