• harshad09 5w

    In this new world
    where New is the new New
    when novelties tend to circumspect
    this cosmos , to coruscate
    like a Kaleidoscope
    ever changing colours
    ever shifting patterns
    that glimmer with the haze of misery
    in this a whole new world
    I'm too , all New
    behaving insanely
    I keep flaunting waggery
    post this era
    of jest winning over fun
    of courage losing out to fears of gun
    beyond the explanations
    of Cancer Sagittarius and Libra
    the all New me
    there I shall be
    but can I get to see
    despite all the melancholia
    an all New You
    by the bushes of bougainvillea
    once again , on a living spree ....

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