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    It often happens with us that we want something else, need something else and have something else. At times we refuse to accept what or who we actually like. We keep lying to ourselves because of thoughts like "someone like me wouldn't do that or go for someone like him/her". "Its so unlike my usual self". " is it good enough for me?". All of these thoughts aren't about us but about who we believe we are. Its our ego and we do not even realise it.

    Only if we took a moment and told ourselves "ITS OKAY!". To understand that it is totally acceptable, possible and okay for ME to like and do things that U I haven't before. To do something that I usually won't do, because maybe, just maybe that is our only chance to out do ourselves and find true happiness.

    Instead fear grips us. Tight! All the fear of criticism we might face, fear of making a mistake, fear of stepping out of our comfort zones. Fear " maybe we are not prepared?" "Maybe it's true?" "Maybe we are the only ones who cannot accept". That we let it go. We let the moment slip by, the feeling slip by. Willingly, we lose our chance at something great ourselves.

    Or maybe it's our underlying belief that "we don't deserve it", "it's too good to be true".
    Its only true " we are own worst critics". If you don't believe in it, in yourself no one else ever will.

    Only if we could take a leap of faith. Step out of our comfort zones, go out of our way at times, try something new and different, put aside our fake self image (ego), thoughhts of what we believe we should be doing, instead of doing what we want to do. How worse could it be you'll make a mistake? It might not go all too well?

    What difference does it even make?
    We will end up the way we are right now. Only wiser and more experienced.

    Only if we accept our weird selves, our weird choices. Face the fears and rise above them.

    At the end of the day
    You are no alien for making the choices you made or will make. You are no bad person. You are no embarrassment. Its just who you are. ITS YOU!

    If you won't accept your own self and your own choices no one else ever will.

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    Liking someone is
    NOT about how attracted we are to someone
    IT IS About how comfortable we are around them.