• pressy 5w

    Dear lord, I got questions and I need answers
    Lot of good folks gone, I don't understand it
    Lot of families lost and the people are stranded
    I ain't tryna disrespect u , I just need answers
    I know you're watching us from heaven thinking, who to save?
    Cherry picking who should go next and who should stay.
    I'd be on my way to heaven if u knew the way
    And bring back every good life you choose to take.
    I ain't tryna dis respect, jus need to meet up with you.
    Why you take our mothers from us?
    Our fathers and our sisters and our cousins from us?
    Why do you have to give us life for you to take it from us?
    Why you give us family then erase them from us
    Just Give us back our loved ones and take the evil with you.
    Took my grand ma from me, that forever hurts
    But putting the blame on you, that'd never work
    I know this ain't your fault , it's the devil work