• thestargazerwrites 5w

    The little things ❤️

    May you be the one who sees the light in little things,
    When given a chance, you fly with open wings.
    Who loves life for the blessings it gives,
    And each day you joyously live!

    May the morning sunshine keep you warm,
    Give you strength to be the best while you perform.
    May the happy brunches keep you going,
    And your vitality keeps on flowing.
    A warm cuppa tea to soothe your soul,
    And pushing you closer to your goal.
    May the moonlight bless you with new dreams,
    And your life, a conglomerate of themes.
    Each day inching closer to magic,
    Romancing the changing dynamics,
    Respecting yourself to the core,
    When self acceptance is no longer a chore.
    When you find no meaning in a small talk,
    And you're ready to take that walk,
    To the door of knowing yourself more,
    And picking up unexplored opportunities galore.
    No room for self doubt and negative blues,
    Cheers to only and only loving you!
    It's the little things in life which will set you free,
    Unwanted worries will surely flee.
    A journey of becoming and growing through,
    You're a work in progress of being UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU!