• abhayrao 5w

    Ariadne's thread

    Macabre allure and twisted seductions
    Reinforced beliefs incepted as notions
    Acceptable narratives, inconvenient truths
    Moths to the flame, oblivious to doom
    Morphine sedation, go gently into the night
    So out of focus, too few to even fight
    Damocles sword and our world below
    So deep in the well, so confined in thought
    Consuming at such a pace, it had to slow
    Chipping at our humanity, till it's all forgot
    Mimicking emotions when we don't really feel
    Democracy for all, yet so much to steal
    Blurring all the lines, nothing is as it seems
    Pleasure or pain, all we heard were screams
    A bit like R.E.M., I'm losing my religion
    All that was good, now feels like a sin
    The web of love, entangled with so much hate
    Labyrinth of truth, shrouded in fate
    Hold on lone warrior, you will need this string
    No matter how dark, some hope it will bring
    Ariadne's thread, a world saved by love
    Irony I suppose, in this place so unjust...