• ezeernest 5w

    Alex-Philip, Chisom
    By Eze Ernest

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    You sit on our voices,
    Though we are still your electorates,
    You rule us with neglect and pride,
    While you survive and reap on our success.

    Same voice brought to you power,
    But that voice loses its savor;
    Immediately you are elected,
    Our condition and mandates all left casted.

    You compete with pride with neighbours outdoor,
    But see your brethren within your serene with deep aversion.

    Am still left in aflutter,
    Just as youth realise there worths;
    Being informed about the waywardness of there leaders,
    Leading them under prejudice and disfavor,
    Just as they are risen in unity to express there rights through protest.
    Government now place barricades to abridge there effort

    Our fathers have already been subdued,
    Strict measures placed so they can not voice out their ails.
    Under the dictatorship of there bosses,
    As feet's grow cold when action calls.

    Tell me when Good life and Self-agnise become a disguise for evil
    iPhone and wristwatches becomes a misconduct
    As youth are already labeled lazy and fraudulent,
    Why then is the only ways being piloted by corrupt leaders