• heartsinatlantis 5w

    Let her go

    I lay her down in a bed of gardenia petals
    Her face pale white as though she'd seen a ghost
    Yet, as pretty as can be
    She's away , asleep, dreaming of times that may never be
    This moment we share, each tear, may tear us further apart
    Her heart is pure gold, wars rage rampant, on and on, in effort to achieve
    On bent knees, broken bones, and with a woeful soul, I emerge victor
    This achievement now; a tragedy, heart; broken , mind; twisted, regets towards the day when meeting her effervescent

    She's now torn me to bit
    The spiralling black streams of water in which she called hair, leaves a nostalgia
    The memories tend to sting at times
    With gloomy eyes she'd stare in mine
    Over feasting tables where we'd both dine
    This time she won't even bat an eye at me
    The deafening silence between us, stirs up my misery
    Of all the times we parted ways this may be the deepest I've fell into my agony
    Turn back time or kill me later
    A plea to have her once again
    And in the end
    Unanswered prayers as I fall behind my skeletons, "so long my friend"
    I let go for once, I dare to look back
    Then swallow the fact that I won't see my dead lover again
    ©Hearts in Atlantis