• invincibleme97 23w

    What a bitch, the moon is! 😤

    The sky marries black sky and the moon is uncovered. Here, the moon is like the secondwife.

    Now the moon anyhow betrayed the sky into light when the sun comes to it.

    Oh the moon's bitch! Then what about the sky that married it secondarily?

    The society talks about the girls being bitch. They don't talk about the guys getting married secondarily, do they?
    So this is a plain fact put in a metaphor.


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    “என்னை கட்டிக் கொண்ட வானம், அவளை மறுக்க மறுத்தது”, என்றது கறுப்பு.
    ஒளியில் திகழ்ந்து அழிவை இழைத்தாள் கதிரவனின் அழைப்பில்!