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    The Publication with No books #2

    What the hell are you talking?? I asked him then he replied I am not taking about anything I am just telling you I don't have any brother, I think you need rest we will talk about it next week, when school reopens.
    The next week our school reopened and the first thing I decided to do was to meet Aviraj. As soon as he saw me exclaimed "Are you fine Siddhi what were talking about my brother, I really don't have a brother. Then I asked him " Your brother really died 7 years before, No that's not true I was just joking at that time. What a joke, then how could you say that your brother died exactly 7 years ago. 7 is a lucky number so I just said it. What how stupid you are do you have any idea how it felt to me. Sorry I don't want to scare you, What? You didn't wanted to scare me do you know that my br...... What??(he asked) Nothing, but I think you are teasing me, you would have sent all this messages to me.
    I didn't when I opened my insta account and messaged you at that time our conversation was empty,
    Why can't you usend all those messages and could have cleared our conversation,
    but I didn't.
    Fine I don't want to talk about it anymore it would be better if you don't send all those stuff again.
    I said all these to Aviraj and I believe he could not have done all these but the main matter is I too had a younger brother who died exactly 7 years ago and this fear is ........