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    The ages shall not mourn us mortals
    And shower us mercy of safe portals
    None are slaves, nor any a King free
    In the burning pyre of a fleshly debris

    Why then in vain we pursue and run
    Round in the phantom webs so spun,
    Mighty mirages in the sands of Time
    A delirium, to many, a pursuit prime,

    Have not the crumbled Empires great
    Shown the riches as unworthy freight,
    Has not fame fled at times too many
    And power decayed to dimes & penny,

    Oh! the foolery, vanity of bygone days
    Blind to the truth in front, I now gaze
    Envious are the years and empty ages
    Of Love writ deep in the heart’s pages.


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    The ages shall not mourn