• _amulbaby_ 6w

    Later that night while I was reminiscing,
    I flipped through memories of the stages we've been through.
    Recollecting each and every bit of those moments when it all felt right.

    Today, I feel an overdose of dim vibes.
    As if things have just fallen from their places and I wander confused, which one would fit where.

    Dear, my love, I'm sorry. I stained your life, shattering it with my presence and cutting your heart on broken edges. We need to survive this because I don't know what to do. I never had plans after and beyond you.

    I feel feverish when I think that the line between loving and hating me are now blurred and it all just feels the same to you.

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    Hold Me Together

    I fear, what if one day,
    I still gonna miss you even
    when you'll be around
    you've the whole universe
    inside you,
    and I'm just a little star.
    What if I lose myself in you
    and never find my way out?

    Will you hold my hand
    and pull me closer,
    so that I'll feel the warmth
    for which I've travelled
    millions of light years?