• sranjo 9w


    I am your silent Love..
    U walked in like a breeze
    U never ceased to gimme a wheeze
    I want all those happy days to be filled only with u
    I never want u to look at some one else the same way u look at me
    I don't want you to talk to someone else like u does with me
    I don't want you to be that special person to someone else but me
    I want u to want me like I do
    I love you in a way no body else did
    I never did hide things from you except my love
    I don't want today and tomorrow with you
    I want a lifetime
    I want us to grow old together
    I want that endless plans and pastels with you
    I want my love to be immortal
    This thing the so called one side love
    Is said the purest feeling
    But I tell you it's both hell and heaven to feel this way
    Don't forget all those hints I planted in ur way to recognise my bossom
    I will live and die only for YOU
    Every time I get disappointed by ur action
    This one sided heart is been stabbed
    But the fondness I developed towards you
    Fail me in every attempt to not to like you
    Coz ,