• miyakha 24w

    Why are you always on the other side.

    I was always suffering from the break of the dawn till the dusk....
    From the noisy evenings to the silent and dark midnight.
    From the midnight to the anonymous pages of the night till dawn...
    The pain never ended... your betrayal struck deep down the heart,
    My mind roaring to seek revenge, forcing me to hate you,
    but still something is amiss, something inside me still wish to see you smile
    admist my pain something inside me don't want to hurt you.
    That something still wish you to be happy though its barely beating after you were gone.
    That something is my heart.
    Why it still take your side?
    Why it goes back to you when you are the one who crushed it?
    With those broken walls and wet floor why it still want you to live inside?
    Why? Can't it be on my side than yours?