• wingless_social_butterfly 6w

    Little To Nothing

    I'm waiting on the day i cut too deep
    I stay loosing sleep
    My demons like too pull my strings
    Till im in too deep
    I can not breath
    Cant ask for help because no one likes when i act dramatically
    Depression creeps up
    Its mad at me
    Playing the role of a happy soul
    Depression came to take revenge Its upset that im playing pretend Like my ankle and thighs aren't cut every night with no end
    Only end i get is when i pass out from lack of sleep
    Or is it because i did not eat
    My demons like too play memory games of the traumatizing days where i hid away
    Let time take it away
    Now i hold my breath when the tears run down my cheeks
    No i will not speak
    Just remember at my funeral write in my obituary that depression did take me
    Let my demons rest around me
    At least my soul will finally be at peace
    God know i was living off pieces of me
    The dark days fed on the best of me
    Nothing was left it was time to leave