• spunarella234 9w

    The letter to the run part 1.

    I hope someone finds your face mutilated and found that you have been forced to fuck your own mom in sadness and regret and that the baby was killed in the process because you were too scared to face a mirror instead of running away you stood there and took her apart one by one again until all her organs were out until she was the skin of someone that you couldn't live without and that it was a cold night and you slept in her corpse you woke up and you went insane to find that everything you loved was gone the police was called on you you were on the run since life isn't perfect you'll die trying to be someone you're not.... And when you got of your mother's body you saw that her eyes were bleeding and that her stomach that no longer held your own child... You ran through the forest underneath the bushes door underneath life itself into the depths of hell