• bubblegumbum 50w

    Good things

    Well it's good to hear the insanity was not of my own
    I am very much relieved
    But it's also clear the one who is turns out really is not
    The friend of a friend who knew better stuck up for me am I am thankful
    Now let it all out because the distruction done the pain inflicted made me rise above it and whatever comes out I can quietly say
    I told you so
    Free and free indeed
    This is the true goodbye
    I will not return I have got the closure I needed
    Neither those that were involved will stand up and face me saying nothing will hurt you more than me
    And that's all I need
    I was real and you weren't you caused alot more than you'll ever imagine
    Thank you just another step towards a better line in my forever song it's your lesson not mine I was used a pawn in game
    You can keep it I've seen worse just different rules
    Your love of your life is waiting for you
    And I know he's to coward to say so
    Goodbye you know why.