• morrie 5w

    Back then
    the days were like a river
    falling down
    rising up
    and being still
    whenever we used to come across another day
    all the due dates were so easy to sail past
    The days were like river
    and I used to sail down
    past them
    so slowly and smoothly
    there was a rhythm hidden inside
    the rhythm was like an addiction
    I never had to worry about it getting drown
    on one of these days
    The nights we had were like a lullaby
    tuned in on some autoplay
    The dawn were the reminders
    The dusk brought down the introspection upon us
    The rain were like a music
    A music of passing seasons
    It was an interlude before winter
    The autumn seemed so similar to the winter
    Never had I bothered to see those withering of leaves
    as a sign of rising autumn
    Never had I bothered then to notice the tiny snow flakes
    But times changed apparently
    With the glasses of experience
    I began to distinguish between the day and night
    I began to see the leave struggling outside amidst the falling torrent
    All became clear at once
    All became so blurred at once
    The memories of past now seem like a mirage
    A mirage that I once saw
    inside a dark narrow cave
    The sweet nectar now feels so stinky
    The passing days now feel like mud
    The nights are now the companions we hold dear
    The dawn is now an alarm to go to sleep
    and the dusk is a trip full of myriad of guilt
    Oh, how far we have come
    Oh, how far I have come alone,
    sailing on these-
    day like rivers
    and days like mud