• burning_flame 23w

    Black and White

    The world is full of colours,
    yet it is just Black and White.
    Everyone says Black refers Filth
    and White is for Purity.
    But what if the White created the Black
    and not only Black is responsible for Squalor.

    This Black and White is like a Delusion,
    where not only one is the real culprit.
    If you wish to see the White,
    then first you'll have to be the Black.
    Then why always Black is blamed for this Path
    when White is the Destination of it.

    A little Flame has just stepped into this world.
    A Flame that has millions of colours,
    but these Blacks and Whites.
    It has it's own Blues and shades of Grey.
    But all it lacks is,
    The Black and The White.

    This Black and White is like a Turbillion,
    that has seized up so many flames into it.
    Soon it'll demand of clenching this flame too.
    But this encounter will be tough.
    If it will be coerced to douse,
    then the Burning Flame will turn into Raging Fire.