• alisdaire_ocaoimph 5w

    Last days
    (Not a poem)

    I wonder at times
    About our species
    This entity that by nature
    Has filled this planet
    Made existence it's
    And proclaimed rulership
    Over all else within this
    We have crossed centuries
    Created vast projects
    Built empires
    Battled foes
    But nowhere or very seldom
    Do we walk and carry our toil
    I see the dark decay of our being
    Crush reality down
    Push our environments
    Into the bleak horizons we face
    And we question naught to little
    The world we have drawn and quartered
    The death and demise of creation
    The fading blocks of tomorrow
    All washed away upon a now
    That will never be again
    Nor shall see a tomorrow
    Bright and full.
    We sit, watch all around us fall
    The trees, the oceans, the air
    And we still laugh at it all
    Enjoy the moment they say
    Drink up and cheer life.
    The ice caps are fading
    The oceans are dying
    The air quality is fading
    And we are drowning our planet
    Killing her day by day
    Where are our voices
    Our demands to governments
    The revolution of creation
    To force the hands that play.
    It's okey sit
    Enjoy your drama, have a few drunken nights
    Look in the eyes of your children
    Promise them all goodbyes
    And curl yourself into a ball
    Sob deep your heart
    For tomorrow ends existence
    And you were it's start.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph