• theoriginal90sbaby 5w

    (5.)My advice to all my web visitors is to spend more time in the King James Bible. Religion has become a racket in the United States and beyond. Too many people are exploiting Christianity to live high-on-the-hog. If you want to buy a few books or DVD's fine, but don't let these online greedy dogs take all your money. Something is wrong with preachers who live extravagantly and always have something to sell. I know that a lot of professed Christians who have things to sell will be upset with me, just as Alexander the coppersmith was angry with the Apostle Paul (2nd Timothy 4:14). You see, Alexander made idols out of copper for the heathens to worship. Paul's preaching from God's Word was leading lost sinners to Jesus Christ and they forsook their idols. Paul was costing the idol makers a lot of money. This is why the booze cartel repeatedly threatened to kill Billy Sunday, because he preached against the sin of drinking booze and they were losing money. People get their angriest when it comes to money. I remember when I used to live in Chicago, that the news reported a man had been murdered just to steal his $7. Some people will stab their own family in the back for money. It is evil. Women strip naked to make pornography and sleep with strangers in bed on camera just to make money. The men and women involved in such wickedness will be terrified when they stand before God on Judgment Day. They won't be celebrities in Hell. Sin City, that hellhole called Las Vegas, is a cesspool of fornication, strip clubs and every sin imaginable because of the love for MONEY. Sodom was a nice place to live compared to America today.