• farahysheikh 10w

    she was this girl
    with pale skin
    iridescent black eyes
    when you look at her
    you feel threshold of emptiness
    void serenity,
    calmness that of the night
    like she’s abandoned wild moors
    its so quiet in there, you can hear the
    silence numbing you to very core
    so you can clearly see on her face,
    what her heart feels inside
    yet with this mysterious aura
    that leaves one curious and thinking
    bewildered yet wanting
    an aura that magnetise your heart
    with a force so strong
    there are no ifs and buts
    you just are trapped, willingly
    because when you see her,
    there’s this intense desire
    to live around her
    in close proximity

    ©FY Shaikh