• bhadra_c 5w


    Man, who would be crazy for me and I for him

    Man, who would know when I need his shoulder or I need that tight hug

    Man, who would feel the desire and have great sex
    & Man who would understand and just sleep beside me

    Man who would be connected , yet knows the space

    Man who wouldn't be judgemental either for Bikini or for Saree

    Man who empathises and understands me when I am assertive

    Man, with whom I share chocolate, I share the last bite of food, the coffee and cigarette, music, the inhibitions, fear, stupidity, vulnerability...

    Man who would work out with me and share the jar of Nutella

    Man with whom I would go for the longest drives and with whom I would chill at home with beer + Netflix

    Man . My man.