• mokshaa18 10w

    Sometimes, it's not known
    To the other one
    What impact their clarity
    Would have on the one
    Still hoping that all turns out well...

    True, the hopes crash,
    But a realization dawns
    That not all we perceive or believe
    Was true for others in the first place !

    The realm between their clarity and your possibility
    Acts as the basis for whatever
    Little and significant that happens,
    But which for sure has a greater impact.

    They had in mind, what would break or restrict you,
    And so perhaps, you wouldn't even want
    To know,
    Before first giving possibility a fair chance.

    Deep within, you don't know,
    What joy is enshrined in
    Hoping against hope...
    Or for you, is it just another way of life?

    Perhaps, you are alive to the murmurs
    Of your life path, which knows for sure
    That the end would lead you on to yet another path,
    But wants you to have the experience as your gain.