• __payn 10w

    An ode to those who express their views and point out what is wrong cause someone in authority is not always right.

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    Pen and Power

    Regain, redeem
    Resign, retreat
    Dare you Overlook again,
    The potential beneath,
    Jump higher,
    Fall again,
    Dive deeper within,
    Blind the empty eyes,
    Mute the shallow words,
    Painful rather than dead inside.
    Bleeding scars, sarcasm dies.
    Bullied emotions, scared and dried.
    Wrong views, ill news just glance and deny.
    Write your pain with passion for life.
    Flood your rights with ink you buy.
    Speak for the weak and pull down lies.
    The power of your pen
    is beyond what you deny.
    Don't see wrongs and scroll ahead.
    Write the revolution and turn those heads.