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    A girl

    People said we will find a good guy for her and she wil be happy throughout her life,
    When girls started fighting for her education the people said let's educate her so that we will be able to find a good guy for her and she will be happy throughout her life,
    After sometime when girls started fighting that we are equal so why are you people searching for a guy then time changed and they say lets educate our girls so that guys will chase our girls
    But noone thought about her life, her dreams, her passion, her happiness, and not even about her choice for that guy who is Mr. Perfect as per the society
    Is it all about a guy?
    Does a girls life revolve all aroung a guy?
    We are girls but we are also a human and we have dreams, we have things to do in life, we have gotta do something in our life.
    So when a girl becomes successfull it doesn't mean it's time to find a Mr. Perfect for her let her decide it on her own that she wants a Mr. Perfect or Mr. Imperfect Or whom so ever it is. Just leave it on her because it's her fucking life.
    Yes you get that right, it's her fucking life let her decide what she wants from life.