• krishna1122 5w

    A Chalice of Poison

    What is poison, my dear friends?
    A chalice of drink, that marks your end?
    A good ol' man, once said to me,
    The poison is in life, how hard you try,
    You can't get free.
    The curious mind, wanted to know more,
    The old man said, you are travelling your life,
    For a moment, set you boat ashore.
    He puffed out smoke, the weed burned bright,
    His plain white beard, his eyes gleaming without any fright.
    The first poison are the people, who hurt you the most,
    They may be diamonds, but with a soul of ghost.
    They are the poison, which God makes you choose,
    Without realising, that you're being in someone else's shoes.
    The second poison, my fellow mate,
    Is the one, where you hate yourself.
    The people may say that you're weird,
    But they are strangers, don't worry, they are nowhere near.
    Love yourself for you are the one, who is going to be with you when everyone is gone.
    The third poison is a Janus-faced,
    It's may seem right, but it can destroy your fate.
    The lust for money is the tempting of all,
    But do remember that it can bring befall.
    The lust of power comes the next,
    Your ego being the sword,
    You try to overpower the world with fame,
    Without realising that you can end up like the rest.
    O dear friend, said the old man,
    These poisons are gifted to you by Him,
    But you have to to find the cure yourself,
    You have to be your own light in the dim.
    Focus on your path, the one you take,
    Without thinking about the fame,
    Which is a quality, mostly fake.
    People will hate, the can leave you,
    Their comments are unworthy,
    But, only few will stay,
    Remember, you are one of the few.