• harmonytree 6w


    Today I'm feeling quite blessed to be recognized as a healer, as that has been my calling for some years now. I opened a fb page 2 years ago,to spread awarenesses in life, insights,healing,blogs and self care practises, not only to help others but for my own benefit as well. Yes I share a lot of spiritual posts, and I also probably over share. But for me these posts have a defined meaning for life,for healing, for awareness. Sometimes they are quite deep and profound,maybe some don't understand but others gain. By my medical practitioners I have been told I'm extremely profound,insightful,emotionally intelligent and a messenger.. that the things I say may not be recognized as a message,by others,for weeks months or even years,then one day the penny will drop for them and the message is understood. Thankyou for recognizing me as a healer, as if I can just help one person my job is done.