• avriary22 23w

    Hey I know might be early for a new one already but you know when the mood strikes and all.

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    You stabbed my heart and bleed it out although I let my feelings out
    You stomped it down into the ground I think you must feel pretty proud
    You broke my heart and although I hurt, I could not hate you for all I'm worth
    I know that somehow it was me, that what I get when I dream.
    My life is such a fucking mess, this I never did address, though if I did you'd probably say "please get the fuck away, you dress like Satan and reek of death you're also way too thin, the way you walk around all day makes me think you're fucking gay, your way too sad, you're so depressed, why would I ever date a mess."
    So on those terms I shall depart and leave this world turn apart.
    From the word of you and the rest of the world. I'LL GO FUCKING KILL MYSELF!!