• rickosuave 6w

    Poetry Holding Hearted Hands

    Such a simple thing that holding hands is & Many people don’t appreciate the wonder it truly is.. But you and I Victoria Wannamaker know differently & The moment your hand touches mine A hundred feelings take flight
    I feel so belonged, so serene Your tender touch grounds me Makes me feel so secure The feel of your skin brings me such clarity As few things could Loving warmth embraces me as your fingers are laced with mine I feel invincible
    Like we can take on the world Such a simple touch unleashes it all...and when I laced your fingers in mine, I could feel every color in existence thrumming through my veins... And the moment your hand was in mine i was yours.

    And everytime you stand behind me I wish you would kiss my neck, Every time you sit beside me I wish you would take my hand, Every time you look me in the eye I wish you would see how hard it is to hold myself together! I’ve fallen as hard for you as anyone ever could, And every thought of you makes my eyes light up, Every look of you makes me melt, Every touch of you starts a fire in my heart! Bae Take my hand and let's get lost in Wonderland together and i could spend a thousand years with your hand in mine and still not get tired of the way your eyes shine when you laugh

    When a woman holds your hand just right it's like that one action is the only thing going on in the entire universe. You can feel her subtly running the pad of her thumb across your hand, and it's like she's trying to let you know what's she feeling just in a touch. She's reminding you that's she there, right next you to, so damn kissable and right, that it makes you want to hide away with her, forget the world with her. That hand is holding you together and unraveling you as she plays with your fingers and smiles at you like you are her world. She makes you feel everything all at once, just by holding your hand.