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    I Found My Self Respect

    I walked down the street
    In search of you
    I crossed the path,
    the buildings and the stores
    But I could not find you

    While I was searching you
    I found myself
    We sat on the roadside chair
    We talked for hours
    and shared our thought

    "Whom are you looking for?", he asked
    "I am looking for the love of my life." I replied
    "I think you already have that." he said smiling a bit
    "Why did you say that?" I asked curious to know, why?
    "Don't you love your self respect?
    Don't you think your selfrespect is everything you want?"
    He replied looking right into my eyes
    I didn't blink even for a second
    As I had nothing to say
    I was lost in my thoughts,
    Thoughts that said he was right,
    that whatever he said was totally right.

    So I found my self respect
    Which I was lacking behind
    And now that I've found it
    I won't be searching you
    Now you are free,
    Free from every promise you made
    Though they were fake
    Now that I've opened the knot
    You are free to go wherever you want
    Cause I found my self respect
    Which I was lacking behind.

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    I found my self respect