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    If I Had To Choose My Own Magic Power.............

    If There Was Something Nobody Could Do,
    And I Had The Chance To Ask For It,
    So Let Me Choose My Very Own Magic Power,
    I Know This Is Never Gonna Happen But Still I Would Like To Discuss.

    Imagine If A Cupid I Can Be,
    Making People Just Fall In Love,
    Oh What A Great Feeling It Would Be,
    But Love Needs The Trust, The Feelings And It Won't Happen Just With A Shot Of An Arrow,
    And No That's Why I Dropped The Idea Of Cupid And Flying Above.

    What If I Had The Most Sensible And Intelligent Mind?,
    So Many People Coming To Me For Advices To Solve All Their Wrongs,
    Oh But Think About All The Smart Ones,
    Their Knowledge Comes From Their Experiences Not Because They're A Gifted Kind,
    Sir Einstein, Newton, Galileo And Hawking They Worked For It So Hard,
    So I Don't Wanna Be The Smart And Gifted One And Ruin All Things They've Done.

    It Would Be So Cool If I Can Be The Fastest Being,
    Even A Cheetah Couldn't Chase Me Out,
    But Think Of The Olympic Champion's Living,
    If I Won All The Medals Then What Would They Do,
    I'm Sure They Must've Worked Hard To Reach The Speed,
    So About My Thought Of Being The Fastest Of All Is Already Out Of The Window.

    What If I Suddenly Became Like Fairy Or A Bird? ,
    Flying Over The Clouds And Looking Over My House,
    I Can't Even Imagine How Small It Would Be Looking Like,
    But I'm A Human And This What You Must've Heard,
    God Would've Given Me Wings If He Thought That This Is Gonna Be My Destiny,
    But Alas He Didn't Because He Knew If He Made It Harder To Reach Humans Will Surely Find A Way To Make It Miracle By Using Their Brains,
    So I Think I'll Just Buy A Ticket For An Aeroplane Instead Of Getting Wings Stuck On My Back,
    Cause I Surely Ain't Smart Like The Wright Brothers To Invent Another Kind Of Aeroplane.

    Ok I Already Dropped Four Ideas, Except Of These Do You Have Any Other Magic Power I Can Have? ,
    Don't Worry I Won't Use It, I Would Just Simply Find Another Excuse To Just Let It Be,
    But Still If You Have One Then Comment It Down Below! ,
    Cause You Know I'm Too Lazy To Write All The Magic Powers In This Post,
    And If You Don't Know Many Magic Powers Than Tag Your Friends Who Might Know Many Of Them! Or You Can Simply Watch Harry Potter, I Bet You Would Know All Of The Powers And Spells Then,
    Ok Last Of All, I Hope Liked This Thing!.