• josh_legend 9w


    Oh No! What have you done!

    The world stood still
    Everybody is in utter confusion
    Schools, Offices, Parks all shut down
    Streets deserted
    Life has we know it ceases
    No more business as usual
    "Safety is paramount" the government says as they enforce laws..
    "Stay at home, stay protected" ..Quite true!
    But my mother's child is dying quietly from another plague, HUNGER!
    No work = no money = no food, and no food equals to.... Well you get the gist now

    "An hungry man is an angry man" they say, "an idle mind is the devil's workshop"
    Violence erupting gradually like a new born baby learning how to walk
    The govt have their plates full, yet corrupted corruption is still the order of the day
    Money meant for the poor being embezzled
    And nobody is holding anybody accountable

    I feel so powerless..
    So fragile..
    So weak..
    I am my mother's child!
    I believe this can change.. But when?

    Ooh No.. What have you done!