• __sni_pan__ 5w

    How can people be so blind, self-absorbed
    I am always shaking my head in disbelief.

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    So many people are almost completely blind
    In self-absorption, or at least Myopic

    I see so much of writing/ talking about
    This happened to me, someone did this to me
    Someone didn't do this for me, I felt this/ I am feeling this..

    ..and I realise that
    It's not that they are bad/ evil or lack empathy
    It's simply that they JUST CANNOT see beyond themselves.
    All that people are concerned about is
    their own feelings, their own pain, suffering.
    THEIR OWN LIFE and they talk of it constantly
    like the world owed them and didn't deliver.

    All that they are concerned about is
    What happened to them and in their story
    others are always the perpetrators
    AND they are ALWAYS the victim
    subjected to ill-treatment.

    I want to ask EVERYONE..
    How can you NOT see, that you are NOT
    the primary priority of the other people..!?

    Other people have their whole complete life
    AND are NOT AT ALL
    concerned with being Good or Bad to you..
    It's not others' motive to be good to you Or bad to you.
    They are just trying to live their best life
    to the best of their ability..
    ..and maybe you JUST don't figure in that life.
    Open your eyes and SEE, others are just living their life..
    And you are a very tiny, miniscule portion of it.

    —self-absorption leads to blindness.