• beautifullybrokenkrs 6w


    We can guard ourselves against these moments of weakness by remembering one simple word: H-A-L-T 
    #1 Never allow yourself to get too hungry. When the body is weak from lack of food, poor decisions are likely to follow. Respect your body and provide the sustenance it needs. 
    #2 Don't permit yourself to get too angry. Anger can cloud judgement and lead to regrettable decisions. 
    #3 Caution is not to let yourself become too lonely. When you feel isolated, you may find yourself willing to do almost anything to feel accepted or loved. 
    #4 Don't allow yourself to get too tired. Sleep is essential for wise decisions. When you deprive your mind and body of its necessary 'down time, ' poor choices become likely. Being wise in these four areas can prevent thoughts of 'If only I hadn't.....' later on. 
    *I forget where I got this from.