• oyindasola 9w


    I once had the pleasure of meeting a girl
    Blank eyes, wet cheeks
    An unwavering gaze
    And a hardened demeanor
    Yet she had a smile
    That pierced my heart.
    I searched for emotion in her eyes
    I looked from pain beneath those orbs
    I searched for Tears But found none
    Only two blank eyes stared back at me
    Gaze unwavering, yet a plagued stare
    One that was blank yet held despair
    I watched her fall down
    Wince in pain and get back up
    I watched her move forward
    When the world called her a coward
    Because she decided to detest hate
    I watched her suffer silently
    When pain banged on her door
    Oh yes she did open
    And she begged for more
    She longed for the feeling
    She longed to feel
    Each time I looked in the mirror
    I saw a different story
    One I desperately had to tell -but never did
    I saw it, maybe not
    Maybe I was wrong
    But beneath that demeanor
    That unwavering gaze
    I saw a girl, wanting to be more
    Than just another piece on society's display
    I watched how the world excluded her
    Because she was different
    I watched how she panicked
    Which life left her famished
    I watched how silent tears flowed down her eyes
    Yet there were no muffled cries
    I watched her
    I watched my reflection
    Scream out her pains
    Without words