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    eerie screams
    in the middle of the night

    my heart and home
    trembling from his words
    and deeds, so dark..

    yet, i also hear
    my runaway train
    out of sight.

    The longing
    from the hole
    that once held my heart..

    to the deepest recesses
    of my soul..

    That has just received
    A long needed

    trying to answer
    its fervent call..

    but my weakened legs
    and beaten body
    are afraid..

    of running
    afraid to fall..

    my spirit
    used to be so free  

    now this bird has a cage
    With no hopeful feelings
    of finding its key..

    stuck in this self-fulfilled prison

    such a dark place
    with its audience-less stage

    hearing the rumbling
    that voices its own freedom..

    I wonder?
    if tickets are only
    handed out to some...

    could I possibly be one?

    dark and ominous
    it may seem to be
    only a cage
    even clothed in darkness..

    has a bright light
    That starts to shine
    within me.

    dreams had
    of joining my runaway train..

    Dreaming for
    so long..

    that needed fulfilling
    feelings so strong!

    I felt scared and thrilled

    but I take my ticket..

    Nothing will stop me

    I'm taking my ride..

    I'm breaking free
    of this cage that binds..

    I'm going to escape
    this place, so dark
    Where at most times
    I was blind..

    But, I catch my breath
    with an excited gasp..

    no cage to stop me..

    away, so fast..

    I jump up
    and tightly grasp..

    my freedom
    at long last..

    I've finally caught
    my runaway train.


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